Monarch Psychology


What happens in a Counselling session?

There is no typical counselling session. The counselling session is time set aside for you and what you talk about will vary according to your goals and needs. You are free to discuss what you wish to, from everyday events, dilemmas, feelings, thoughts, memories and dreams.

Your counsellor will provide a safe environment in which to explore your issues and work towards self-improvement. If you prefer to approach your issues in a more practical way, then cognitive behavioural therapy may be a good choice.


What kinds of people seek Counselling?

Many types of people can benefit from counselling. Therapy is frequently conducted on a face-to-face level with individuals. However, counselling is also beneficial with couples, families, adolescents, teenagers and children. Counsellors-in-training (supervisees) are usually required to be in supervision with experienced counsellors.

We welcome diversity and our discreet and professional Counsellors can accommodate a wide client group.


Will my Counselling sessions be confidential?

Counselling sessions are confidential with the exception that if you pose a danger to yourself or others, then the relevant parties will be notified.


Can I speak to a Counsellor before my appointment?

The counsellors do not make themselves available prior to your appointment. The first consultation will give you the chance to bring in any questions, to find out more about how you will work together and to discover if you connect.

Whilst the majority of first consultations will proceed to a full course of treatment, neither you nor the therapist are committed to continue beyond the first counselling consultation session.